Medherant is developing a pipeline of products for pain and neurology indications, based on our next-generation TEPI-Patch® transdermal drug technology. Our first product ‐ Ibuprofen TEPI Patch ‐ entered the clinic in 2018.

Key advantages of the TEPI Patch® technology over current technologies are the high payload and very efficient release of drug. This enables lower potency drugs to be formulated as a patch and provides the opportunity to increase the dose of drugs already administered via a patch whilst also minimising the residual drug after use.

Andrew Lee
Director of Commercial Development 
Nigel Davis
Sally Waterman
Chief Operating Officer 


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Gwyn Tudor

Nanna Therapeutics Ltd United Kingdom

Nanna Therapeutics has built a unique and game-changing Totally Integrated Medicines Engine (TIME) to create novel therapeutics. Utilising its paradigm shift in the speed, efficiency and quality of drug discovery, as well as massively enhancing safety profiling to improve clinical success, Nanna Therapeutics is developing breakthrough medicines for the treatment of diseases that involve defects in mitochondrial function, such as MELAS and LHON, as well as diseases of the central nervous system, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Alexander Alanine
Chief Operating Officer 

National Institute for Health Research United Kingdom

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is the most integrated clinical research system in the world, we drive research from bench to bedside for the benefit of patients and the economy under a number of themes by: - transforming research in the NHS - increasing the volume of applied health research for the benefit of patients and the public - driving faster translation of basic science discoveries into tangible benefits - developing and supporting the people who conduct and contribute to applied health research - attracting investment by the life sciences industry through our world-class facilities for health research.

Natalie Wilson
Business Development Manager 
Theo Christie
Business Development Manager 
Anjna Rising
Senior Business Development Manager 


Lee Pratley

One Nucleus

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Tony Jones

OxStem Limited

OxStem is a drug discovery company, spun-out from the University of Oxford, with the unique vision of developing in-situ cell programming therapies to treat what are typically (but certainly not exclusively) age-related conditions, such as Dementia, Heart Failure, Macular Degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in the developed world), Diabetes and Oncology.

The idea is straightforward – to use the Stem Cell and Medicinal Chemistry expertise within Chemistry and its associated partners at Oxford to identify new classes of drugs that can re-program or stimulate existing endogenous cells – awakening previously defunct or dormant cellular processes.

Dr Carolyn Porter
Chief Business Officer 
Dr Georg Terstappen

Peak Proteins United Kingdom

We tailor our professional services to fit your requirements, whatever stage of the process you are at.  From construct design, through to expression and purification of your desired protein. Whatever your end use, assay, high throughput screening, biophysics or crystallisation and X-ray structure determination, we can supply your protein in a suitable format.

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Mark Abbott

Scottish Development International United Kingdom

At Scottish Development International (SDI) we’re all about discovery: helping ambitious businesses like yours discover an exciting new chapter in Scotland. We’re here to help you discover new business opportunities, markets, ventures and people. From tech to fintech to chemical science and digital technology, we’ve helped over 5135 inward investors to realise their ambitions in Scotland.

Mrs Katharina Kraehahn
Senior Executive 
Mrs Sofia Norås
Senior Executive 

Therakind Ltd United Kingdom

Therakind, a private European pharmaceutical company, is focused on creating and developing safe, effective, authorised paediatric and speciality niche medicines. Our primary objective is to increase the availability of authorised paediatric and niche medicines and to ensure that the medication used today is both safe and effective.

Therakind's team has extensive experience in the paediatric pharmaceutical sector, we have the expertise to design clinical programmes and regulatory strategy to advance medicines from concept through to regulatory approval.

Susan Conroy
Chief Executive