GTN - Transforming drug discovery through interdisciplinary innovation. At GTN, a multidisciplinary, innovation-driven company, we are searching the astronomically large space of drug-like molecules with our unique patented technology, Generative Tensorial Networks. Our software combines and builds upon techniques from machine learning and quantum physics to simulate, filter and search for molecules, discovering molecules entirely hidden from view. This will create substantial efficiencies in the whole drug development cycle.

Noor Shaker

High Force Research

Headquartered in Durham, UK, High Force Research are proud to remain a truly independent chemistry CRO and R&D partner. We have core expertise in chemical R&D, process optimisation & development, custom synthesis, scale-up and cGMP manufacture of small molecule API's and their intermediates for pre-clinical studies and Phase I/II clinical trials.

We collaborate with discovery groups, start-ups and spin-offs from academia and industry in synthesising new materials for proof-of-concept studies and in process development on the route to market. High Force Research has established dual contribution, shared risk joint venture collaborations with universities and SME's. We invest expertise, time and facilities to jointly develop novel, small molecule NCE's and clinical candidates. 
Jennifer Wallis
Business Development Executive 


IA-Group is a strategic partner to bio-pharmacutical companies. We bring extensive therapeutic knowledge and regulatory expertise in strategic use of clinical imaging to enhance understanding of the mode of action, to increase the efficiency of clinical decisions and to accelerate drug development.

IA’s operations team leverage our global footprint and the next-generation cloud based proprietry platform Dynamika to de-risk trial execution and to ensure data quality and integrity. Our venture arm pioneer unique targeted investment and risk-sharing models to enable our clients to reach the next value inflection point faster. We fuse decades of theraputic insight and agile culture to meet today's speed and high standard of therapeutic innovation.


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Diana Roettger
Head of Scientific and Medical Affairs 


Inivata is a leader in liquid biopsy. Its InVision® platform unlocks essential genomic information from a simple blood test to transform the care of cancer patients. The Company’s technology is based on pioneering research from the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge and backed by multiple high calibre publications. Its lead product, InVisionFirst™-Lung, is commercially available and provides molecular insights that enable clinicians to make more informed treatment decisions for NSCLC patients. Inivata is partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on InVisionFirst™-Lung and its wider platform, which is applicable to a range of cancer types. The Company has a CLIA laboratory in Research Triangle Park, NC and laboratories in Cambridge, UK. For more information, please go to Follow us on Twitter @Inivata.

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Thomas Schlumpberger
VP Business Development 

Intract Pharma

Intract Pharma Limited is an oral drug delivery licensing and product development company offering a range of proprietary formulation technologies to deliver novel and optimised therapeutics targeted to patient needs. The company is a spin-out of University College London, and is centred around over 15 years of research and innovation from the laboratory of Professor Abdul Basit. Intract's range of formulation technologies includes Phloral™ for colon targeted delivery, and ProRelease™, a versatile microparticulate delivery system. ntract Pharma is a licensing and product development company offering state-of-the-art formulation technologies and specialist gastrointestinal models to develop advanced new therapeutics

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Bill lindsay

Invest Liverpool

Invest Liverpool is the Mayor of Liverpool’s economic investment agency. Invest Liverpool offers a range of services to support companies looking to collaborate, expand or invest in Liverpool City Region. Health & Life Sciences is a priority sector and we welcome conversations about investing in the industry.

We are investing billions of pounds in our health ecosystem, offering countless opportunities from research, drug discovery, and clinical trials through to bio-manufacturing.

Investment in health and life sciences is driving innovation in specialist areas such as: Infection, Precision Medicine, Children’s Health, Veterinary Science, Healthy and Independent Living, Big Data, Sensors and Internet of Things.

With hundreds of medical companies based here, the area is part of the Liverpool-Manchester life sciences corridor, one of the UK’s top three clusters of biomedical activity.

Health and Life Sciences companies that share our passion for research and discovery will be impressed by the quality and quantity of world-class R&D that is conducted here. Our schools, colleges and universities are working alongside big pharma and start-ups to build an exceptional talent pool.

Invest Liverpool welcomes conversations with companies about investing in health and life sciences.

Mr Matt Biagetti
Investment Manager 

Karma Oncology Ltd

Karma Oncology, Ltd is a unique company which specializes in preparing tailored clinical development plans, clinical trial design and execution (everything from preparing the protocol through site selection, regulatory/ethics submissions, monitoring, project management, reporting and final study report writing). Of note, Karma Oncology successfully designed and executed an adaptive clinical trial with an autologous cell therapy product in Europe & North America and has designed and executed several CAR-T trials. 

Headquartered in Scotland, the team of experts is based across Europe & North America, and experience encompasses solid tumours and haematological malignancies in a wide range of therapeutic approaches.

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Karen Williams

Life Sciences in the Northern Powerhouse (Bionow)

Exhibiting at Booth 39

The Northern Powerhouse is home to over 15 million people, a quarter of the UK population, and 13.3% of the UK’s Gross Value Add.

The North of England is home to a vibrant and well connected industrial, academic and clinical health and life sciences ecosystem and is home to nearly 25% of all life sciences businesses in the UK:
1,100 life science businesses employing more than 40,000 highly skilled people.

£17.5bn annual contribution to the UK economy.
44% of all UK pharmaceutical exports.

The North’s N8 universities have an annual income of £1.2bn a year, generating £12.2bn and creating 119,000 jobs.
570,000 employed in health sciences across the North – 7.5% of the region’s workforce.

Leading the UK in clinical trials delivery including the only real-world clinical trial - the Salford Lung Study.

Home to global brands (including AstraZeneca, GSK, Eli Lilly, Procter & Gamble, Medimmune, Allergan, Unilever, Sanofi Aventis, Smith and Nephew, Johnson and Johnson and many more).
The Life Sciences in the Northern Powerhouse delegation at BioEurope 2017 consists of representatives from academic, business and clinical communities and includes: Aptus Clinical, Alderley Park, Health Innovation Manchester, Invest Liverpool, Peak Proteins, Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services and Northern Health Science Alliance which has been brought together by Bionow and the Northern Health Science Alliance.

Websites: and

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Miss Diane Quinn
Events Manager 


LSX is the world’s first invoice exchange built on the blockchain. Invoices bought from alternative finance marketplaces around the world will be traded on this secondary exchange. LSX allows trading in fiat and cryptocurrency, including bitcoins and ethers, and is due for public release in late 2018.

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Matthew Pullan
Senior Vice President 


Medherant is developing a pipeline of products for pain and neurology indications, based on our next-generation TEPI-Patch® transdermal drug technology. Our first product ‐ Ibuprofen TEPI Patch ‐ entered the clinic in 2018.

Key advantages of the TEPI Patch® technology over current technologies are the high payload and very efficient release of drug. This enables lower potency drugs to be formulated as a patch and provides the opportunity to increase the dose of drugs already administered via a patch whilst also minimising the residual drug after use.

Andrew Lee
Director of Commercial Development 
Nigel Davis
Sally Waterman
Chief Operating Officer